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I'll fuck her anway. Circle circle dot dot, (uh huh) I got my cootie shot, (uh huh) I think that booty's hot, (uh huh) I'd give it booty sauce, That booty's so hot I'll make it drop to the drop drop to the drop drop to the make it Yo circle circle, dot dot Yo this shit's workin please don't stop Now kindly please remove your top And please don't say that you're a cop Show me yours, I'll show you mine And we'll play doctor Yo circle circle dot dot yo this shits workin' please dont stop now kindly please remove your top and please dont sa y that your a cop Show me yours Ill show you mine and we'll play doctor until nine uh huh (uh huh)ok (ok) girl you drivin me insaine [Stu Stone] Sane in the brain to the don't please to the menday Circle Circle dot dot, San Diego, California. 1.5K likes. A 501(c)3 non-profit Community-Based Collaborative Theatre Company | 2013-05-19 Circle circle. Dot dot.

Circle circle dot dot meme

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Cooties. The dreaded imaginary childhood plague that haunts every schoolyard. The poor kid 1.) A game played by (usually) small children on the lower back, forearm, and/or palms to prevent cooties 2.) A pretty fly song performed by Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone Download "Circle circle dot dot" Sound: Download Sound. Back to Jamie Kennedy Rap joints. Related Boards: Funniest words in Comedy.

(a huh) I think I'd rather not.

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Circle Circle Dot Dot is a small business with big capabilities. We specialize in high tech laser engraving a huge gamut of products. With a team of designers, we Roller Derby Memes. Shaun Tuazon #ShaunsDonuts.

Circle circle dot dot meme

Rut & Circle - 3Magasin

Circle circle dot dot meme

*Through our buy one/give one program, each bib purchased will allow us to … Circle Circle Dot Dot. Stu Stone. 1. PREVIEW.

Circle circle dot dot meme

This one is stumping the internet - What's inside the red circle? Shawna Bendovmemes. See more ideas about surface design, design, circle pattern. Abstract circle pattern vector image on VectorStock Polka Dot Background, Background Patterns, Textured Background Meme: Instrutorcfc discovered by ϟ vicky. on We Heart It. Eye dot circle. SanningarRoliga MemesSkämtRoliga Optical Illusion.
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Dot/Circle Grid. Small, equally spaced dots will give you guidance when drawing patterns because they are part of the pattern and will easily disappear into the  #stevenuniverse. Artikel av iFunny · Cartoon NetworkStoryboardLapidotPokemonRittipsTecknade SerierSerierÄventyrsdagsVackra Ritningar. Mer information.
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Over 50 lullabies and recordings from all over the world. Aug 20, 2019 - Teaching & Creating ART with all my heART 2010-07-12 Circle Circle Dot Dot with lyricsSong Used - Circle Circle Dot Dot The playground taunt "circle circle dot dot now you have a cootie shot" reminded us of the outsider as well as the healing properties of the cootie shot.