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If UL finds that representative product samples of lithium-ion forklift batteries have met standard requirements, either in full or with noted conditions of acceptability for the end product, then that product will carry a UL mark. It is permitted for specific products, components, materials or systems to determine suitability for UL Listing or Recognition. Products, components, materials or systems eligible for Provisional Recognition – including items covered under UL’s electrical insulation systems (EIS) test program – may require one or more long-term tests. UL Recognized certifies that any part or component within a larger device or mechanism meets the standards set forth by UL. UL Recognized can be used to certify power supplies or circuit boards that are used to power machinery, too, but also the safety and efficiency of machinery that workers use. UL’s Plastics Recognition Program (Yellow Card) is a globally recognized safety and quality guarantee that can help demonstrate how your plastics have met a specific set of performance credentials.

Ul component recognition

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ÖPPETTIDER. clock. Stängt nu. 07:00–15:00. Join us as a Component Engineer and you'll be looking at a career-defining role based in Stockholm, Sweden within our Rail Li. ul. p. b YOUR CHALLENGE.

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These components will later be used in complete end-products or systems. Some additional installation precautions may be required. What about Component Recognition?

Ul component recognition

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Ul component recognition

Components covered under UL's Component Recognition and. See UL On-line Certification Directory at for additional information.

Ul component recognition

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Contact details Recognized Components are out of scope and will continue to use the current UL Component Recognition Mark. Is there a required implementation date for the Enhanced and Smart UL Certification Marks?

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Here are key differentiators between UL Listed and UL Recognized.